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Music Industry Email Marketing

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

freelance underground deaf child music industry email marketing

Email marketing is an often missed opportunity for underground freelancers in the music industry to connect with people. Communicating with the right team at the right time pools resources to move projects forward. Reaching out to any contact list is more than just sending people a message, prioritizing above the fold content, or formatting and writing copy. Bringing together a like minded group gives people an outlet to make life better. Click through the presentation below to apply permission marketing to contact list management.

1. Read about reaching out

2. Speak to people who want to talk

3. Develop a message

4. Monitor one variable at a time

5. Visualize the outcome of each action

6. Give people a reason to engage

7. Optimize accessibility of content

8. Provide resources to community

9. Direct projects from start to finish

10. Network for growing the community

11. Collaborate as a team

12. Make it happen


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