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Laissez-faire Ecology

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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The music industry contributes to climate change effects from promoters printing more physical material than they are distributing to fans trashing events to the number of artists going through single use plastics on tour. July’s Green the Scene (Time to get Wasted?) recapped aspects to pay attention to in extra material: production, distribution, packaging, marketing, events, transportation, and alignment. Noticing inefficiencies provides options for doing better business. Not only is preserving the environment a benefit, but so is the resulting financial savings.

Nonrenewable resources are not the only essentials tapped out by wasting supplies. Budget is a crucial consideration in going green. Regardless of how many practices need changing, the gap between system analytics and an ROI of 233% can be closed through reinvesting strategies. Prioritize issues that are immediate environmental threats. Work from easiest to hardest tasks to accomplish. What is left behind by the business? Were resources spent wisely or were they wasted? Is there anything that can help make the system more sustainable next time?

A frustrating part of working in music business is the standard tolerance of dismissing the general laissez-faire attitude towards being mindful of the environment. Said it before, and will say it again, it is possible to be responsible while having a good time. There is just a matter of deciding if problems are worth fixing or passively accepting. Action says more than words in a world where an entire industry is known for leaving a plastic legacy. Slip ups may be part of the human condition, but so is living on Earth. The environment feels the effects of landfills.



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