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Time to get Wasted?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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A number of environmentally harmful aspects of entertainment business add up, resulting in tons of solid waste generated (significantly caused by the ones with the biggest funds and companies). The music industry contributes to global resource management issues from promoters printing more physical material than they are even distributing to fans trashing events to the number of artists going through single use plastics on tour. Seven areas all members of the community can consider in ways to green the scene:


Look for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle instruments. Manage waste from sending pieces to artists to repurpose into jewelry to buying environmentally friendly made instruments.


Release music with no waste digitally or with recyclable materials for physical merchandise like vinyl and CDs. Check out green resources with Sustain Music and Nature.


According to Greenbiz on hitting a greener note, judge by the cover. Choose packaging made with high percentages of post consumer based recycled paper and soy based inks.


Allocate more funds to digital distribution rather than physical. Recyclable paper is available for print, and it is most efficient to not print more than can be distributed in any given time frame.


It is every person’s responsibility to pick up after themselves. From tents to bikes to tons of trash from libations, people seem to leave as much crap behind as their inhibitions when partying.


Take advantage of any eco-friendly options and be respectful with cleaning up waste in all public spaces (hotels, businesses, planes, buses, trains, etc.).


Move green initiatives forward by associating with eco-friendly programs. Work with people who respect the environment and everyone in it.

Every experience in the music industry is different. Questions follow the ecological footprint of each artistic journey. What is left behind? Were resources spent wisely or were they wasted? Is there anything that can help make the system more sustainable next time? The party atmosphere thrives on being an escape, but what good is escaping if it is a disgusting and potentially dangerous place to be?



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