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One Step at a Time

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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Art is not the only byproduct of entertainment business. If the music industry's carbon footprint has a negative impact, why isn't there a bigger initiative to be more environmentally friendly? This post recaps the many steps. Upfront costs associated with environmental sustainability can feel daunting, especially when it is only after the money is spent that a return on the investment can be made. Implementing eco-friendliness in any music community is easier said than done. While awareness for humanity’s influence on climate change is widely discussed, sufficient funding and research for green technology has yet to be allocated for the entertainment industry to lessen potential harm.

Follow up design thinking for innovation with funding step by step to implement a green scene. When businesses spend their initial capital wisely, and reinvest in/replace their assets with conscious purchasing over time, the rewards reap themselves. The collective efforts of the entire music community can add up as the results of individual actions, bringing about measurable global environmental change, by committing to a sustainable future both on and off stage. With the right resources people can make every aspect of their systems better for the environment by considering the ladder of related factors outlined in the Green the Scene series: production, distribution, consumption, litter ablation, transportation, and marketing.

What kind of character is in the music industry? Every aspect from listening at home to performing to recording to going on tour leaves an impression behind. Sustainability is a collaborative effort. Consult with professionals in making adjustments. Determining what to change, when to change, as well as how to change involves a combination of approaches. Put together a team to make it happen. Analyze steps toward improvement. Prioritize tasks based on urgency, time, and costs. Implement one step at a time. Evaluate results. Each person has a chance to make a difference through going green. The more specialized advancements are made in eco-friendliness, the better the environment becomes every step of the way.

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