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What do Artists Leave Behind?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Artists leave an impression on the world around them. Music has the power to sonically introduce color to a grey picture for better or worse. The problem is that art is not the only byproduct of entertainment business. Between resource consumption (especially energy) and pollution, if you were measuring environmental issues in the music industry as sound level you would be clipping with major distortion.

Why isn't there a bigger initiative to be more environmentally friendly if the music industry's carbon footprint leaves such a negative impact? Attention to sustainability manages the long term preservation of the Earth in general, as well as resources for pleasures such as music. This monthly green the scene blog series outlines aspects harmful for the environment where the music business can take action whether the obstacle is funding, awareness, or motivation.

The industry is a well oiled enigma, and each moving part assists another part in turning its gears. Each part can be examined individually, but it is how the parts move together that make the machine work. Every business has its own system for its individual needs to provide its highest quality value. If a business's ultimate goal is in the best interest of the people, then it should care about how what it does affects the planet. A look at potential environmental red flags within different parts of the music industry can present opportunities to make a difference. Green the scene researches the ecofriendliness of music business elements. Nine things to notice below:

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1. Production

2. Distribution

3. Consumption

4. Live performances

5. Litter ablation

6. Transportation

7. Marketing

8. Factors affecting progress in sustainability

9. Going green in the music scene

This series provides impact statistics, problems, and solutions for the topics explored plus brainstorms ways to help freelance underground artists implement environmental sustainability. Check back the third week of each month to think about a greener scene for your team. Take care.



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