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Year-end Recap

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Year-end Recap, Green the Scene, Maya Jevans Illustrations, New Orleans Street Team, Deaf Child Music Industry Blog

The end of the year is a time of performance reviews where wins are celebrated and from which losses are learned. This monthly green the scene blog series recaps harmful aspects for the environment. Action can always be taken in the music business to improve whether the obstacle is funding, awareness, or motivation.

Five areas all members of the community can consider in ways to green the scene: 1. Production- Look for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle instruments as well as electronics plus accessories. 2. Distribution- Release material with no waste digitally or with recyclable materials for physical merchandise like vinyl and CDs. 3. Events- Provide the means for everyone to take responsibility picking up after themselves when they go out. 4. Transportation- Take advantage of any eco-friendly options and be respectful with cleaning up waste in public spaces (hotels, businesses, planes, buses, trains, etc.). 5. Alignment- Move green initiatives forward by associating with eco-friendly programs. Work with people who respect the environment and everyone in it.

Five ideas to apply eco-friendliness with benefits to freelance underground music: 1. Create a platform for an active community of musicians, music industry leaders, and avid music listeners all focused on addressing environmental issues. 2. Take part in environmental sustainability in the music business through touring, venue, and recording procedures, resource development, green grants, and multimedia promotions. 3. Inspire sustainable green music to support and inform the efforts of the scene and advocate for issues in the industry through music for social change. 4. Provide environmental nonprofits with a platform for their cause.

5.Make branded reusable water bottles part of merchandise.

A look at potential environmental red flags within different parts of the music industry can present opportunities to make a difference. With the right resources, creators can demonstrate environmentally friendly experiences. The next step should be exploring ways for greater contribution to a green scene.



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