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Take Care of Shit

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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How can members of the music industry take direct action to make events more eco-friendly? Some shit Green the Scene hasn’t covered more in depth yet:

1. Access to environmentally friendly equipment and accessories

2. Energy resources, sanitation, and water treatment as well as consumption

3. Construction, art, installations, and visuals

When does anyone think about the materials that are used to create music with? Who pays attention to what happens to instruments after they are done being used for good? What can be done to make the tools needed to create music with safer for the environment?

A buying strategy for finding eco-friendly equipment includes shopping for gear that may be biodegradable, used, refurbished, or made from material that minimizes negative impacts as much as possible. For example, using energy alternatives such as solar power or vegetable oil powered generators and vehicles.

Are there any type of fountains, showers, or pools at an event? Alternative treatment systems can limit waste while providing clean water. Music industry hygiene also includes taking care of waste that is beyond unsanitary. Implementing toilets with features like flushes using less water depending on what is being flushed or composting tanks are worth looking into.

What comes out of nature goes back into it. Everything used in making shows aesthetically pleasing becomes garbage one day. Bioconstruction is based on building with natural and recyclable material to not only produce experiences, but also leave behind a cleaner environment.

Often times people get caught up in the notion that some problems are just bigger than them and there is nothing they can do to contribute. And while there are times when things are just outside of anyone's control, there are other times where people actually have the direct influence or purchasing power to make a change. All anyone needs to do is truly decide whether they are comfortable with these issues as they are and what the next step is to doing something about it.

Green the scene in some way as often as possible. What matters is at least trying to do better. Not just ignoring what is happening in plain sight. Taking care of shit happens one step at a time, not overnight. It is a marathon not a sprint.



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