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Burning Down the House

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Burning Down the House, Green the Scene, New Orleans Deaf Child music industry blog, maya jevans illustrations

What drives people to get out? Who cares how anyone goes from one place to another? Taking care of stuff is the transportation equivalent of restocking. Not much can happen if there is nothing left to do anything with.

Fossil fuel and music industries are more intertwined than people like to do something about. If climate change is not enough motivation, financial savings might be. Kegs, bank accounts, and nonrenewable resources are not the only essentials tapped out by wasting supplies.

It can be easy to lose to sight of applying goals in the day to day work that needs to be done to get by. Al Gore’s Collision Tech Conference speech from earlier this year fully outlines strategic reinvestment. Potential can appear limited, even though the will to change is renewable.

Everybody gives a fuck about something. Helping each other discover what matters and why is how people make things better together. It is not the destination so much as the journey that can determine what kind of situation someone stays in.

Six ways to go more green when attending events:

1. Use alternative energy powered engines

2. Prioritize budget for efficiency

3. Support local causes

4. Public transportation

5. Car pool

6. Bike

Travelling without considering eco friendliness is like lighting a nail for dabs without looking at where the blow torch is being aimed. Why pay attention to what is happening when there is a chance at burning down the house? Taking action for environmental safety is sustainability.



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