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Captive Dissonance

Captive Dissonance, New Orleans Deaf Child, Free Your Art

People like to dream about what type of person they could be hypothetically, but have a hard time realizing what is happening in reality.

For example, who wants to face the fact that the mass imprisonment of human beings is a multibillion dollar market?

There is a lot of talk about if something bad happens people want to be the one to do something about it.

Although bad things seem to be happening all the time with no one doing anything about them. The truth is there is a blind eye turned every day.

The people who are supposed to be stopping the bad are doing the bad. People who are good criminalized if they are poor.

How do people look away in the face of humanity’s sell out? Labels are used to debate rights. Justification by any means necessary. Who is justice for if not the people? Just have to have money.

Dissonance between captivity and subjectivity to financial activity enables a society of atrocity.



Learn more: Have a heart, Free Your Art and donate to Orleans Public Defenders to fight mass incarceration locally!

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