Take Five: An Abstract

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Recommended listening: Dave Brubeck’s Take Five

Green the Scene is a concept that is easier said than done.

As in any other intricate system, the many parts that make it all happen have become standardized over time.

So how to change an issue that exists because that is just the way it is?

Weighing matters reflects priority, responsibility on the majority consequential for the minority.

One of the biggest obstacles of an environmentally friendly music industry is income disparity.

Why are finances able to make such a difference in sustainability, especially for niche business sectors? What can be done to fix this?

Knowing the history behind the way things became the way they are can potentially lead to treating the problem.

Take five aspects of how the music industry impacts the environment into consideration:

1. Barriers to Education

2. Paradox of Tolerance

3. Putting Motivation into Action

4. Analyzing Results

5. Making Changes

People are not just sitting around letting their world go to shit.

When “limited resources” just means society supports a corrupt faction that hoards all of the world’s wealth and destroys humanity for profit, “limiting resources” is the cross that many have to bear to indulge few.

Learn. Discuss. Adjust. Evaluate. Green the Scene.


Barriers to Education:

Education for sustainability: Challenges and opportunities

Children Still Face Barriers In Accessing Music Education

Environmental Education Barriers to Transformative Sustainability Learning and Action

Engaging with Environmental Issues as a Musician: Career Perspectives from the Musicians of the Playlist for the Planet

Paradox of Tolerance:


Creative workers’ views on cultural heritage and sustainability

The need to respect nature and its limits challenges society and conservation science

“I’d rather be called a hypocrite than do fuck all”: how music is tackling climate change

Putting Motivation into Action:

8 Ways To Be A More Eco-Friendly Musician!

Tips for sustainable practices in the industry: feat. Tim Hollo

Sustainable Music Industry: An Example of Good Practices

Greener rooms: how is the music industry responding to the environmental impact of touring?

Analyzing Results:

Using the PESTLE analysis model

UK music industry declares climate and ecological emergency

Emissions From Music Consumption Reach Unprecedented High, Study Shows

Singing to a Greener Tune: Current Status of the Music Industry in Addressing Environmental Sustainability

Making Changes:

No Music on a Dead Planet

Music industry and climate change - it's time to act!

There’s No Easy Way for Musicians to Engage with Climate Change

Digitalisation and Intermediaries in the Music Industry: The Rise of the Entrepreneur?

Illustrations by Maya Jevans


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