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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

From stress to time management, burnout comes in many forms. Sometimes struggling to do what is normally easy is less a matter of losing passion for it and more about going crazy over it. Weirdly enough, having control also involves being able to lose control.

Exhaustion can feel like putting something important off or a mental block, but it is also space to get sidetracked by inspiration. In the music video for All We Do by Oh Wonder where people are asked what it means to be human, someone says one must lose themself to find themself. Procrastination has to do with prioritization. Deciding what to do next is a matter fulfilling immediate needs or desires. Sometimes it is hard to tell if something is needed unless it is gone without or held off until later. Other times what is essential is apparent before supply runs low.

How does anyone feel when they are not feeling like themself? Dissociation may feel more true than reality in certain situations. Burnout is similar to being benched while the game goes on. Like everything is happening for half the players while the others just sit and watch. There is not always a way to influence timing, but anyone can get caught up in the heat of a moment whether or not they are ready or rested.


Watch and Listen to the video mentioned in this post... All We Do

Free Your Art pic from Machine Kid at Paper Bison's last show 10/5

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