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Ear Care

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Ear Care, New Orleans Deaf Child

Those who hear sounds fully are not always understanding of comprehension in its absence. A common fear of deafness is not being able to communicate. Not having access to resources for self care is a point of anxiety, especially when information is limited.

People with hearing loss or sensitive ears for other reasons are constantly aware of how audio impacts their capabilities. Extra attention is paid to taking care of ears for not only general health care, but also for connection to others.

Largely due to being sold something by people trying to profit off of others' ignorance, until or unless someone experiences a chronic issue with their ears they are often misinformed about the best ways to take care of their ears.

Many people know they should wear ear plugs. But they do not use them. Others actually wear ear plugs, even though obstacles prevent them from getting the best quality for their situation.

Then some people do not think about cleaning their ears. While there are those who attempt to alleviate problems with short term solutions without thinking of long term impacts to their ear canal or eardrum. For example sticking things in places they do not belong.

So how to decide which ear plugs to wear and when? What about safe ways to clean ears? Why give a fuck at all? Because whether or not hearing is a factor, otolaryngology studies how the ears, nose, and throat are connected through medicine.

Influences of the ears are often overlooked. Ways ear care impacts the body: information processing, speech, physical comfort, and balance. All of which can be silent dilemmas.

Finding a voice in mute circumstances can be a challenge. Sometimes it is not until something is defined as not there that its existence is noted. Taking care of sensations are as essential as being aware of numbness.

Keeping a clear head should be taken more literally. In terms of healthcare, ears rarely take priority as quality of living is not given urgency in this society. But a proper look into aural environments can be life changing. Click through below for more on general ear care and four of the institutions that have provided Deaf Child with ENT services.



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