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Thought + Action = ?: Part 1, System

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Thought + Action = ?, Free Your Art, Have a Heart fight mass incarceration

White people love talking about how they are not racist, but hate doing the work needed to disrupt the institutionalized racism that benefits them.

There are some who may think that jokes or cultural appropriation do not matter. But social cues underlie decisions about how the community should function. Biases incarcerate people of color at disturbing rates using criminalization to dehumanize them.

Sometimes humor is used as a coping mechanism to deal with the realities of a situation. Or something is just funny because it is relatable. Other times kidding around normalizes social acceptance of certain perspectives.

People of high income (predominantly white cis men) have created a system over the years to make a living off of taking away the rights and profiting off of lower income families (mostly Black and Latinx).

Addressing the history of privilege to suppress marginalized groups with a society based on a white supremacist patriarchy is a constant struggle of the tolerance paradox.

People who are passive about or pro mass incarceration often expect to be treated with respect while being disrespectful themselves. However, society did not standardize imprisonment based on pleasantries.


Thought + Action = ? is inspired by the TV show Dear White People

Links for Thought + Action = ?, Parts 1 - 4:

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