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Thought + Action = ?: Part 4, Privilege

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Free Your Art, Fight Mass Incarceration, Thought + Action =?, Part 4 White Privilege

White privilege as a tool for learning is acknowledging how white people have benefited from the oppression of people of color as a society.

White privilege as an affliction is the misconception that white people’s racism does not exist or that at an individual level white people might not be racist so white people are therefore not responsible for the racism of others.

The system of white supremacy is a result of the collective actions of white people. As such, all white people benefit from white privilege.

Who is anyone accountable for if not to each other? Only themself? Privilege is only holding oneself responsible to oneself.

The concept of privilege allows the line of self preservation to become muddled in greed if confused with entitlement rather than a blessing. There is nothing wrong with doing what is best for oneself. There is something wrong with screwing someone else’s life up to do it.

When people stop thinking about how what they do (or allow to happen) affects others, they begin to do things like make it legal to imprison others for money.

Funny how white people do not want to address their white privilege when it was created for and by white people. It is almost like white people cannot be confronted with their own actions.

It is as if people know taking responsibility for the role of white privilege in criminal justice is accepting they contributed to something wrong. What is more important? Hiding an issue or fixing it?

The first step is admitting there is a problem. The next step is making amends. After that the only thing there is to say is do better.


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