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Thought + Action = ?: Part 2, Rundown

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

thought + action = ?, free your art, have a heart, fight mass incarceration, new orleans deaf child

This country has a long history of white people treating others like property. White men may have gotten the ball rolling, but white women let it go by.

Locking up a quarter of the population did not just happen overnight. Criminalization has been used to strip away freedoms slowly over time in order to allow a select group to control another.

Without poverty mass incarceration would be impossible. Resources are taken from the disadvantaged in order to make it harder for them to achieve equity, thus perpetuating an endless income stream via the prison pipeline.

Policies have been slowly enacted that may not seem like a big deal to people they did not affect, but have gradually enabled the government to legally lock up people for money.

American economics is based off of the rich exploiting the poor. This is done by forcing as much free labor as possible from society.

Without access to education, healthcare, or a cost of living adjustment how can the poor overcome those who would have them jailed for not having enough money?


Thought + Action = ? is inspired by the TV show Dear White People

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