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Thought + Action = ?: Part 3, Environment

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Thought + Action =?, environment, free your art have a heart, fight mass incaraceration

Alongside mass incarceration spread ecosystems where environmental rights and autonomy for "criminals" are made taboo. First prisoners are made to feel less than. Broken. Conformed. Silenced. Complacent. Then their world is burned to the ground while they are locked in a cage at their own expense.

Imprisonment leads to unsanitary conditions that violate health codes meant to keep the community safe. Pollution is an inevitable result of prisons because they are designed to herd people like cattle rather than provide any sort of reintegrative housing or standard of care.

From diseases to landfill contributions, detainment centers literally infect the United States like a physical manifestation of the hatred underneath making money off of dehumanizing others.

White guys basically built entire mini cities to lock people of color up, charge them to be there, and work them for little to no pay. A financial system that takes advantage of others does not leave room for basic personal hygiene much less eco friendliness in the budget.


Thought + Action = ? is inspired by the TV show Dear White People

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