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What Next?

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Green the Scene has featured about 100 different sources on how the music industry impacts the ecosystem. The TLDR is that allocating resources is essentially playing around with opportunity costs.

There is all this information out there about environmental responsibility, but a lack of motivation with the powers that be to change anything. It is like why put in effort to be sustainable now when money can be made as is and dealing with climate change can be dealt with later?

This also brings into question the artist’s role in society, how artists influence communities, and what artists leave behind. What next? A positive answer would be a need for global healing.

People can pave the road to planetary recovery themselves or allow Earth to become inhabitable for humans. If society does not become accountable for human nature, nature will hold humans accountable itself.

Art is a visual representation of potential realities as a result of the world it is created in.

As a microcosm of current business infrastructures, eco-friendliness in the entertainment industry can set the professional standard through building with long term viability in mind.

Sacrificing short term profits for long term nourishment provides options for future generations to come rather than needlessly setting limitations on resources.

Future topics of exploration in connection with music and the environment: barriers to education, paradox of tolerance, putting motivation into action, analyzing results, and making changes.


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