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Pay as you go

1 week minimum


Reporting is often something that comes up as a result of continued consultations when people just like having that tangible resource to back up the conversation we are having, or they want me to do work for them that they would otherwise need to do themself.

Planning as Growth Analyst means that I analyze, forecast, plus build custom reports to make key performance indicators and insights that you care about available to you.

My team and I are involved in tracking project milestones, maintaining client correspondences, managing project scope, leading process design improvements, conducting system integration, as well as undertaking project analysis.

Company Cookbook and Support Group are accessible to you as well during the project.


Priced based on market value of profitability potential, length, and time spent on developing the content.

Consultants can charge around $3,000 to $15,000 for a complete business plan. For larger corporate projects, expect to see costs ranging $25,000 to $50,000+.


If you tell me your budget, I can put together plan options specific to your needs and budget. To get a sense of plan pricing, here are preset package examples:

Free Discord Server Access

Site Support System

Market, test, and discover ideas

Check out additional material

Promote yourself

Ask questions

$150 Company Cookbook

Monthly Recipe Subscription for How I Run My Business

Exclusive Access to Blog of Company Secrets

Methodologies, Ideologies, Techniques

4 Public Learning Sessions

$2500 Fractional CMO

Have Your Team Trained and Supervised by an Industry Expert

Company Cookbook access during time paid for

Manage, grow, & mentor marketing team

Oversee execution + results on ads

Up to 10 private 1 hour meetings

Define marketing strategy


I also collaborate with or outsource other marketing companies on your behalf for execution on services such as web development, graphic design, ad buying, and more.

The costs of your marketing spend are not included in any pricing, except for PR packages, retainers, & trial/demo including the price of syndication.

I only do consultations, copywriting, PR, and reports in house. I can outsource for everything else to oversee the process on your behalf when needed. 


Free Strategy Sessions

Thirty Minutes - First Meeting is Complimentary*

TAM Sheet - Total Addressable Market

Opportunity Assessment

Risk Assessment



*unless otherwise offered

Pay What You Want

Free Live Stream Meeting


Click here to go to strategy session booking calendar page.

Already met? If in good faith you believe another strategy session is needed to address if a service is right for you then I might do another session with you, and you may fill out the form to request that session. If not, please contact me online to request a quote, or go ahead and buy a consultation or subscription.